Vitality Aussie´s 
 Fitness Lady


Breeder: Edit Farkasdi DOB: 05.04.2015 Colour: Black tricolor Chrup: plnochrupá, nožnicový skus DOV: 2018 clear  Zdravotné vyšetrenia: DLK A/A, DBK 0/0 HSF4: +/+, CEA clear, MDR1 +/- Výstavné ocenenia: Grand šampión Slovenska a Bulharska Šampión krásy Slovenska – Rumunska – Balkánu – Srbska – Poľska Šampión krásy mladých – Rumunsko III. Best in show, umiestnenia BIG, BOB, BOS
Vitality Aussie's Fitness Lady

About Tilly

Tilly equals uniqueness. No one can break the strong bond between her and her family. She was a real devil when she was little, but as an adult she matured into a caring, calm bitch. It accepts every member of the terminal as well as occasional visitors.

Unique. Just as Tilly is sung in a well-known song, she is in a way unique, she has always shone in show circles and at the International Dog Show in Lučenec the judges also appreciated it. She became the winner of her breed, the whole I. FCI group and in the end she was the third most beautiful dog of the whole show.


Tilly has no offspring yet.


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