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Love for animals has changed into our mission. A strong sister bond became a solid foundation for Chrystal Light. Together we create, work, travel and participate in the constant progress of our kennel.

We may be completely different from the sun and the moon, but the same blood flows in the veins of both. The same force constantly drives us forward in our dreams and desires.

Year 2011

This year, a whole new chapter in the history of our family began to be written. The initial idea to get an animal with a pedigree originated in the head of the older one of us. The original plan was for the Alaskan Malamute dog. We all know very well how it goes in life. One changes, another changes … and so within two weeks, one Malamute joined our family, followed by another. Puppies Shorty and Minnie started teaching us what it’s like to live with dogs, to take care of them, to be responsible for them. Together we broke through the basic obedience, the basics of show training and medical examinations. We had the right foot in everything until we got a stop sign one day. Unfortunately, our plans were thwarted by one of our inherited diseases in our Minnie, and we stood at the beginning again.

No exhibitions

Our life was no longer that, we really missed their atmosphere, people and moments full of adrenaline, expectations and joy. The breed of Australian Shepherds began to appear on the horizon like lightning from a clear sky. We looked at several kennels and our heart was enchanted the most by the kennel from the vicinity of Prague – Srdcové Eso, from where Jeníček traveled with us in 2013. It was love at first sight, and it was he who filled the missing place in our hearts. Together with Jon, we penetrated even deeper into the exhibition world and the carousel began to spin from the beginning.

Kristína and Keeper

Thess, Keeper and Tilly

Thess, Kristína and Keeper

Dog Show Bulgaria

Chrystal Light Show team

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Everyone says

There are never enough Australian Shepherds, so in the spring of 2015 we imported another of them from Hungary. This time it was our beautiful Miss Tilly. She brought a new wind to our kennel. Together with Jon, they began to form an incredibly playful couple. Tilly became one of the most successful show bitches in Slovakia.

Year 2016

brought a lot of travel not only for us, but especially for our new addition to Keeper. He came to us in the summer from faraway Russia. Keeper became the most successful Australian Shepherd in our kennel. He holds the Best in Show award in almost all age categories.

nica rozšírila o dva nové prírastky. Peggy, mladá nádejná sučka s ktorou sme rozbehli slušnú výstavnú kariéru a v priebehu štyroch výstav si „vybehala“ Slovenského šampióna. Matty – prvý z novej, našej, chovateľskej línie austrálskych ovčiakov. Rovnako úspešný vo výstavných kruhoch ako jeho otec.

Breeding intention

Our breeding intention is to present animals in accordance with the breed standard. To give each of them the maximum of our love and attention. In our litters we try to connect exteriorly balanced individuals with balanced personalities and typical character.

For us, dogs are not just animals, they are members of our family. Each of them is completely different, although they are from one breed. We know their strengths and weaknesses, just as they know ours. We complement each other in many ways. When we run together in show circles, it’s not just about the dog, it’s about a couple who trust each other unconditionally and do the first and last for themselves.

Chrystal Light

Chrystal Light is not just about dogs, it is about the family we create together, about the family that we get with each new owner thanks to our offspring.